About Coleen

Welcome to Dusty Paths–it’s great to have you.

photo by Amanda Silas December, 2010

My name is Coleen.  I’m a thirty-something who’s almost entirely a stay-at-home mom (does five hours being a physical therapist count?) to two great kids.  The days hurry past chasing after them, laughing with them, cooking for them, and oh yeah, eating sometimes as well; I certainly cannot complain about how I spend my days.  (Well, maybe when my daughter insists she can’t spit out her toothpaste and we stay in the bathroom for 15 minutes discussing it.  Nah, not even then.)

I am thankful to not be alone in this journey.  For the last six plus years, Tom and I have been married.  Cue sappy hip Rodgers and Hammerstein music.  Really, I feel amazingly, amazingly blessed.

the amazing Tom!

As mentioned above, Tom and I have two kids.  While I suspect they will creep into photos here, I’m still in debate-mode about putting their photos up for public viewing.  It’s not you, lovely reader, it’s me.  Bear with me for a bit until we know each other better.

I’ve had a lifelong love of reading and writing, but the perfectionist in me struggles to put things outside of journals and letters.  However, I have two young children.  The perfectionist in me is dead learning to take a back seat.  Life is too short to worry if Strunk and White are going to turn in their graves.  (I hope so, anyway.)

I’d love to hear from you and promise, when the kids are napping and I’m sitting eating bonbons with nothing on my to-do list, to write you a novel in return.  Short of that miracle, I’ll do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Note: The main photo of the dusty path/road is by David Woo (Wootang01).


3 responses to “About Coleen

  1. Coleen, you are so cool! Your writing is a joy to read. Keep it up, girl!!

  2. Love that you are starting a blog, Coleen! yayayayayay!

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