speaking out

There’s an interesting line one treads when one decides to enter the inter webs. It’s not “real life” in the sense that anyone can read or comment, regardless of their knowledge of you. This is not a, “hey, come over and let’s have coffee” sort of gig. I weigh that (probably too) heavily when I think about writing. Because I have this penchant for nuance I struggle with the idea that my thoughts could be twisted or taken out of context. So I tend to sit on the sidelines. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but sometimes I wish I could throw caution a to the wind a bit more. It’s not like I’m running for political office or have some grand platform I’m trying to protect; no one really needs to make soundbites out of my writing. I’m ok with that; I started writing because I like to write and it helps me organize and process my thoughts.

Speaking of politics…boy, where do I start? Long ago I established that I’m “purple”–a mixture of democrat and republican. I generally agonize at every election cycle, trying to decide which candidate espouses more of my perspectives on policies. But this year I’m flabbergasted. I’ve never voted against someone; that’s not how I work. “Tell me what you’re for!” is my mantra. But I want to add my voice to those frustrated, concerned, scared, and otherwise shocked that a candidate like Donald Trump is not only still running, but is winning, state after state. My friends at both ends of the political spectrum (yes, it’s both possible and helpful to have both in your life!) are in agreement: this man does not represent anything for which we stand.

I have friends who think we really need to up the screening process for any refugees we allow to enter; I have friends who think it is rigorous enough as is, but none of us believe that we need to track Muslims or their neighborhoods.

We all agree that everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect–even when we disagree vehemently with each other. Someone is not “stupid” because they have a different perspective.

We agree that one does NOT make America great again by belittling people.

We agree that women should not be objectified. We do not go around talking about women’s bodies.

We agree that we all make mistakes. However, we don’t brag about them, and we show remorse. Mr. Trump, the fact that you brag about having affairs with married women in your book disgusts me.

We agree that to be a Christian one must confess that they are a sinner in need of a savior. There are lots and lots of things that we disagree about, but that’s a safe topic of consensus. Mr. Trump, I would strongly encourage you to read your bible.

I actually don’t believe that all of Trump’s supporters actually think through everything Trump says. I think that there is a large group of people who feel rejected and misunderstood by those that fit well into the political arena today. They are voting against a group they feel have rejected or ignored them–they’ve lost jobs, they’ve seen their quality of life go down, they are scared about the terrorism in the world and want it to stop before it reaches their hometown. I wish I could talk to them, because there is no doubt in my mind that Trump is not the solution to their prayers. So, for them and for everyone else, if (God forbid) he actually gets the nomination, I will most assuredly be in the #nevertrump camp.



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