As the rain pounds on the skylight and I sip tea from the mug next to me, I’m thinking about restoration. Restoring what, you ask? Well, all of the following:
*Restoration of health for my friend who went through six hours of surgery two weeks ago and is recuperating here. Watching her get better and being able to be part of the process is such a gift to me.
*Hope of restoration of this same friend with her family that she hasn’t been with physically for almost a month. What excitement will ensue!
*Restoration of water in the ground. (Yes, the water cycle is still pretty exciting to me.)
*Restoration of kids from orphanages with their families. I’m involved with Reeds of Hope and that’s one of our goals in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
*Restoration of smiles after tears. (Cuddles help.)
*Restoration of hope when there’s none.
*Restoration of shalom–that peace where injustice and sin are removed–because of Jesus.

I know that’s short and sweet after a long absence, but those are the thoughts percolating tonight, and I’m trying to be better about getting them out on virtual paper.


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