word for 2012

photo from texample.net

Yes, yes, I realize that all the other bloggers out there chose their “word for the year”, their catch phrases that would define this twelve month period in January, because that is the perfect season to do so. I’ve never claimed to be perfectly timely. With that introduction, I’m embracing mid-April and saying that my word for 2012 is “intentional”.

Before I actually talk about the word, however, let me back up a bit. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about defining one’s year. How does one do that, anyhow? But as I look over the past few months here’s what comes to light:

  • my husband and I wrote a budget, not because we were in the red or super concerned about money, but because I wanted to be sure that we were being intentional about how we spent it.
  • I’m trying to be more diligent about the time I spend reading (ahem) blogs, Facebook, email, etc., because I want to be more intentional about how I use my time.
  • I started craving more schedule in my life–for time with God, time to exercise, time with people, time by myself, because I realized that when I wasn’t intentional with my time, my priorities slipped.
  • Being in a new place (well, eight months old place) and far away from more well-established friendships forced me to recognize that to keep said friendships I would have to be intentional about being in contact. On that same note, I wanted to have good friendships here and needed to intentionally reach out to people.

Even I, in the midst of such evidence, can put it all together and recognize the theme.  Intentional living is a catch phrase, and I’m ok with that. Because I want to claim that and make it my own this year. And, pun intended, I intend to do so.


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