a welcome mat

from doormatsoutside.org

Did you ever read My Heart, Christ’s Home? I have this vague recollection of it and something about Jesus cleaning out my dirty closet. Cute story, my mind says, but what does it mean today? Why this trip down memory lane? Well, because I think the point of the story is fresh this week: Jesus wants to spend time with me. ME. The God of the universe loves us.

Perhaps because Easter recently passed, perhaps because I’ve actually been doing my bible study, perhaps just because…I’m struck by the idea that God is eager to dwell with me. Picture this: a stuffed chair that’s comfortable to sit in, an afghan on top of you, a cup of coffee warm in your hands, and the chance to sit across from and chat with Jesus. A chance to laugh, a time to cry, a time to be heard and to listen–what a gift. The best part about it? It’s ready now. The vision was that this warm, welcoming, well-lit but cozy space that felt so inviting that it really was irresistible.

That is not how I typically view reading my bible or “spending time with God”. Sad to say that I rarely have such enthusiasm, and bouncing out of bed feels like an oxymoron many days. But this image is sticking with me, so I wanted to share it. May it encourage all of us to see the welcome mat before us.


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