photo by David Baker (Flickr)

I started flossing regularly two weeks ago. Yes, it took me well into my fourth decade of life to prioritize this little habit. Why so long? I’m not sure, exactly. Some of it surely is modeling; my mom told me recently that she just tells her dentist “I don’t floss.”. But I think that my teeth happened to hold up relatively well, so I was willing to deal with the occasional dental reprimand.

Why did I change? Well, my new dentist did declare that things were going to get worse eventually, but I have heard that other times. I think I finally decided that I didn’t have to be content with “ok” teeth; I could do better.

What will it take for me to choose the same for my spiritual life? Unlike with flossing, I give great lip service that I believe this is transformational. I can even point to growth that occurred in the past when my prayer and study lives were richer than at present. So why don’t I spend more time with God? I sometimes wonder if, because I can’t understand how big, powerful, and loving God truly is, that I attempt to be satisfied by my reduction of God. Or maybe it’s that subconsciously I don’t want to change, or fear what God will ask of me.

Two things beg that I might act differently.

1. Daylight Saving Time ended last night. My body still thinks today’s 6am is 7am, so this may catapult me into getting up in the morning.

2. I was recently challenged to sit and wonder what Jesus would say if He was sitting next to me. As I prayed over this, the thought I “heard” was “Be with Me.”. As simple as that sounds, it profoundly affected me. It was the freedom to come before God…and just be. (The ticket to entrance wasn’t anything I did, anything I studied; I was accepted as I am.)

I’m not sure where this “being” will lead, for I know that God is not static. But I think that, for once, this is an invitation I cannot refuse. Here’s to flossing and being!


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