what i want and how that might be a bad idea

Kristal Kraft ~ DenverDwellings

Researching brings me joy. No, not in a lab, although if you found me the right topic (i.e. something in the applied sciences) I could be engaged. But researching–plane tickets, purchases, communities, houses, churches, prices–I’m all over it. I find a sick satisfaction in finding the “best” thing, at the best price. While I do trust those in authority, there’s usually this niggling doubt until I do the research myself. (With that said, there are certain topics that if I’m sure that the person really is an expert in said field and I know that I respect him/her, I can let go pretty easily. For example, if Dr. H said to go to x surgeon I would, as I know he does an amazing job–and I have no better way to research surgeons. :))

My daughter starts kindergarten next year. We are renting in a school district that is good, but I never know what that really means. Yes, they have high test scores, but I’m not one to put an extraordinary amount of weight in them. Will my kid become a thinker? Keep her creative juices flowing? Will you let her be a kid and not force academics for which she is not developmentally ready? How will you help her become the individual she could be? Challenge her to critically examine her own world view? These are the type of questions I want to ask.

When we moved to the Pacific Northwest I researched communities, schools, and the like. After much ado (about nothing? Sigh.) I declared that we should live in our present city for a couple of reasons:

1. Short commute for Tom

2. A more diverse neighborhood

3. A walkable neighborhood

4. The chance to put R. in the lottery for the Spanish immersion school here

It’s the last one I want to talk about here. There’s this immersion program in our school district that has a great reputation and I think would be an excellent opportunity for our kids. I want them to go there. I am willing to shape where we live/hope to buy a house based on this educational choice. I think God should bless this plan. And when I bring it to this “logical” conclusion I (again) sigh. How long will it take for me to learn?

If there’s one lesson I took away from our move it was that God is trustworthy. I believe He has good things in store for us. It may not look how I’ve planned; it may not even be what I want, but it will be good. Despite my research, I cannot see beyond the edge of my nose. For all I know it might not be the best thing for R. to attend that school. Does that mean that I won’t be sad if R. doesn’t speak mostly Spanish in school? No. Does that mean that I won’t fight it a bit? No. But regardless of my emotions I believe that God is faithful and that if it doesn’t work out that He has something better in store. At the end of the day, doesn’t that sound way more freeing than doing research, hunting down every last detail? Yes (she says as she looks up PTA meetings). Yes, indeed.


5 responses to “what i want and how that might be a bad idea

  1. We make the best decisions we can with the information we have. God blesses our efforts and multiplies them beyond our wildest dreams or expectations. R will flourish and bloom not because of where she goes to school but because of the family she has been placed in through God’s infinite wisdom. I’m still praying for her to be in the immersion school though-strictly for the community I know it would offer to your family…God can respond accordingly 🙂

    • @amy, i love that “God blesses our efforts and multiplies them beyond our wildest dreams or expectations.”. amen! i’m still learning how big God is. and i appreciate your prayers–i’ll take it for the community, too. 🙂

  2. I love your posts, Co, and miss our chats and hearing all about your research! I agree that God has good plans for you and Tom and both kids, and I also bless your desire to find the best for your kids. I also just want to affirm that you and Tom will have the most influence on whether R becomes a thinker and keeps her creative juices flowing and teaching her to question her world view, etc. You already have. While I think it’s great for you to do your homework to find the best for them, I don’t think a particular school is going to make or break these things for your kids, given who their parents are. 🙂 Love you guys!

  3. Take it with a grain of salt, though–it is coming from the woman who didn’t really research schools at all!

    • kim,
      i agree with you; i have to trust that parenting will greatly influence our kids. but i see even with preschool how much r. takes in that didn’t come from me. i can only imagine how much more that will be compounded when she’s in school double + what she is now. but God is bigger than all of it. amen. (and you can’t take the research out of me entirely. :))

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