in the name of God

I’m weary today, for a whole host of reasons: Tom’s last day at Pixar was yesterday, and I found it a really emotional day; the movers come in 36 hours and packing boxes are taking over my house; the number of “last time” doing an activity is dramatically increasing. But the climax today is reading about the tragedy in Norway. Anders Behring Breivik decided to murder innocent people. And he used God to justify it.

Let’s just be clear from the get go: he was wrong. WRONG. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been more and more willing to see gray in life, but tragedies like this make me want to scream out black and white answers. I’m angry and sad. I’m angry that the God I seek with my life is being used to rationalize murder. I’m angry that the God whose creativity is reflected in the different ethnicities and cultures of the world is being used to kill those that are unlike another. I’m angry that, somehow, loving your enemies got dismissed. I’m angry that people may not consider wanting to follow Jesus because they think that this is an example of what we believe.

Oh, I know that travesties have occurred throughout history in the name of God. Clearly, they continue to do so. Yet I believe. I believe that God wants to rescue us, that He loves us in spite of ourselves, that He wants to make our life rich and full and with purpose. I pray that someday we will see media headlines about how Christians served like no others, that we reflect grace, truth, and integrity, and that we will act with humility and love in the good times and in the bad. And may we do it in the name of God. Until then, forgive me, forgive us, for abusing your name.


One response to “in the name of God

  1. I think it’s right to be angry, Coleen. I believe God has shown righteous anger in the Bible. I’m fine calling these murders acts of evil, and the murderer, an evil man. I don’t really care what the media wants to portray him and really have no hope that the media will ever accurately portray Christians. This murderer does not worship the same God that you or I worship.
    I’m sad that you’re almost leaving!

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