on a wing and a prayer



I don’t know about you, but I like the (illusion of) control. Please, oh please, can I pretend that this spinning world bends to my whim? Sadly, when I realize that it doesn’t I sometimes move into protective mode. I’ll do what is safe, what is achievable. I don’t like to fail. While this may be a “normal” trait, I’m not sure it’s one I want to embrace. How much would I rather realize that my value is not based on what I achieve but rather who I am? How much could I learn if I let myself dream big dreams, even if they didn’t come to fruition? How much would my faith grow if I trusted that when God leads, He will provide?

Enter my friend Holly. We were roommates for three years in Baltimore and our friendship continues to grow, ten years later. She is the one who asked me if I’d come to Congo, and it is her heart that embraced the kids at the Kaziba orphanage there. I am fortunate to come beside her as Tumaini begins. Her last blog entry details some needs and introduces a few new faces. Would you check it out?

The reason her blog and this post are linked is that she isn’t making “safe” promises; she is stepping out and trusting that people will come alongside her. I urge you to consider being one of them. The kids there welcome you to be part of their lives.

Here’s her latest: http://kitumaini.blogspot.com/2011/07/overwhelmed-and-scared.html


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