It isn’t all or nothing

I’ve subscribed to (ahem!) quite a few (did I really just count 65?!?) rss feeds over the last year or so. Thank you, Google reader! I wonder why I never get as much done during the kids’ naps…but I digress. Many of these blogs are “green” in some way, shape, or form. I’ve learned about Weston A. Price, about the benefits of coconut oil, the evils of shampoo, chemicals in sunscreen, and that I should “only” eat sourdough–if I’m going to eat grains at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like these blogs; I do subscribe to them voluntarily, after all. But there are times when I am totally overwhelmed by what I “should” be doing to steward creation, to optimally provide and care for my family, to decrease my budget, and to live in peace and harmony with everyone. (OK, ok, the last one was my take, but you get my point.)

Recently I am comforted by one reality: it isn’t all or nothing. I can take baby steps, and I can continue to use my brain and prioritize what is right for me and my family in our stage of life.

  • I can carry reusable bags to the grocery store…and if I forget, the world will not end.
  • We can compost our scraps…and if the ants come (as they are sure to do) I can do whatever it takes to get rid of them, even if that sometimes means the trash can.
  • I can choose to use smaller amounts of sweetener than most recipes suggest (and use maple syrup and honey more and more) but might use refined sugar sometimes…and I’m not poisoning my children.
  • I can have a garden, and have it be for fun…and not have to can, dehydrate, and freeze so I don’t enter a store for three months during winter. (Winter, heh! I live in California. :))
  • I can read labels and discard items that have unknown substances…and sometimes just let go and recognize that life is full of compromises. As much as I want my children to eat healthily I also want them to realize that there are bigger priorities in life and that learning to compromise when needed is an incredibly useful life skill as well.

I’m a recovering guilt addict, so it helps me to write this out, to remember that living differently is a personal path, and to choose which spurs I want to explore off of it.


One response to “It isn’t all or nothing

  1. YES, yes, yes, yes!!!! Love this. Thanks for sharing, Co. Love you too. 😉

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