being quiet


Photo by CJ Sung

photo by CJ Sung

My tonsils were successfully removed a week ago. While I do believe this will be a very positive thing in the long run, the pain that comes with swallowing makes me question my judgment this morning. But one of the joys (it’s all relative, right?) in this week of convalescence is the chance to be quiet. You see, it kills hurts to talk. Using a whiteboard has its place, but there are times when I cannot keep up with conversation, so I end up listening. Just listening. And, lo and behold, it means I get to hear what’s on other people’s minds and hearts, to hear my kids singing or telling me where I should go to hide and what I should do.


I am learning to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and (let’s hope!) slow to become angry. Tonsillectomy or no, may I retain these lessons in the future.


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