How dusty are your feet?

photo by Through Your Eyes (Flickr)

Think about it.  We’ve all made plans for our lives.  I don’t know about you, but I was an eager eight year old salivating for the chance to tap dance for Star Search.  (Yes, let me date myself in the first paragraph!)  But if you’re anything like me, then maybe, possibly, perhaps those plans did not turn out exactly as you planned.  I, for what it is worth, tap danced for ten years, and performed on the Chapman College stage, but never graced television with my (I’m sure brilliant) skills.

But one key I have learned in life is that some of those turns of the path end up being much better than I could have dreamed.  No, I can’t give you a direct link to fame and glory because I was not on Star Search, but I can say that not tapping later gave me time for choirs, drama, Mock Trial and friendships and whatnot in high school.  Some of those relationships continue to this day; I spoke with the choreographer of our high school shows not long ago.

And so, this blog.  It’s here to remind me (and you, I hope) that, although the paved road may be the most efficient and has its place, getting onto those less traveled roads can be an adventure well worth taking.  So I leave you (and me) with one question: How dusty are your feet?


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